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BJUM is a digital design studio in Lewes

Transgressing genre boundaries and refuting traditional media lines. Whether it is a branding exercise, shop sign or fun T-shirt, BJUM thrives on the challenge of the digital age, where nothing is impossible.

It is surely a challenge to work in an intermedia paradigm, that is why BJUM constantly evolves and participates in the contemporary discourses of fine art and design.

Nothing fosters progress more than an open mind, where more time should be spent listening, watching, and learning. This is research and produces informed work with integrity as well as imagination.

If you are looking for a designer that considers the big picture – whom understands that your logo, website, one-off promo shirt or signage could (and should!) become part of a bigger story, you have come to the right place.

At BJUM each project is the start of a journey. We will have fun and speculative conversations where we explore your ideas, some wild, others tamed, until we arrive organically at a conclusion that works.

What you take away from our relationship could be a fine example of craftsmanship or a digital icon for generations to come. But more importantly you will be equipped with a friend that feeds ideas.


Vinyl T-shirt design & pressing

Custom T-Shirt

BJUM can either take your original designs or design a completely bespoke shirt, then cut the design with state of the art Japanese technology in vinyl and press onto any fabric with industry standard heat pressing. This means your design will last virtually forever, in most cases outlasting the fabric itself. Perfect for branding and happy customers with vivid colour, no cracking, peeling or fading! And unlike screen printers or big print shops, BJUM has no minimum order quantity, so whether you need 1 shirt or 100, no problem – and you get superior quality, every time. With razor sharp lines and bright colours, vinyl T-shirts are excellent for visibility and brand impressions at events or in-store, and BJUM only uses high quality, ethical garment suppliers.

Vinyl sign making

Vinyl Sign

Maybe you just opened up shop, you need promotional graphics for an art exhibition or local event, or you have an inspiring idea for a window graphic to promote a sale. Whatever your signage needs, vinyl sign making is an exceptionally high quality option. With an outdoor wear resistance of up to 5 years, with no cracking, peeling or fading, you can be sure your important message will last. BJUM can cut any shape or size graphic you provide in any colour up to 40cm by 200cm (or made up of parts for larger designs). BJUM can design a sign from scratch, cut and apply it to a range of media including acrylic, aluminium, board, or install locally to your wall, window, shop frontage, van etc. There are also a variety of creative uses for vinyl such as decals for gifts, cars, bikes, laptops, phones – it sticks anywhere!

Web Design and digital content creation

Web Design

With 10 years of experience creating effective websites and a wide variety of digital content, including: animations, promotional videos, interactive games, product photography and copywriting, BJUM is equipped with the web design expertise to devise an effective online solution for small to medium businesses and professionals. A website is often misunderstood as an “off the shelf” or “what you see is what you get” product, but this is rarely true if the designer is doing a good job. BJUM works closely with you to represent your brand, products, services and some entertaining things too, creating a holistic digital touchpoint for your customers to connect with you. Nowadays Social Media and SEO are vital considerations so these are integrated, and BJUM can manage those as well!

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A note about e-mail

Contact BJUM uses email as the main method of keeping in touch because it is easier to keep on track and get back to you in detail and with files. But you will be provided with Skype, and a phone number on big projects. And you will receive absolutely no spam from BJUM. Spam sucks!