Glassware etching

Custom Etched Glass

The glass etching produces super fine details in a beautiful, permanent pearlescent finish. Unlike cheap printing techniques, it will never chip away, is 100% dishwasher safe, lasting a lifetime! It makes for a dazzling interplay with light and colour of the drink that can’t be produced in other ways. Clients are often surprised at the result!

  • Real acid etching produces amazing, permanent finish!
  • Only fully tempered, shatter resistant glass – weighty quality from European suppliers
  • Pint & wine glasses, tankards, goblets and many more shapes available – just ask!
  • Perfect for reproducing stencil artwork, attractive fonts, emblems, logos and more
  • Any quantity available. Whether it’s a one-off or a bunch, get it made from £19 + VAT*

BJUM have specially etched glasses as unique gifts for those special occasions, birthdays, X-mas, weddings, christenings etc. and produced batches for local businesses with an eye for quality! Etching small panes of flat glass or mirrors is also possible, however please understrand BJUM can only accept customer delivery and collection of panels. Sound like a neat idea?

* Based on an emblem and/or text on a conical pint glass. Different glass styles and graphic complexity can vary the final price. Please enquire with your specific needs.